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Themis - Law Court, Vancouver, B.C.

Fairness, equality, honesty and justice have been the cornerstones and passions of my life. They are what lead me to use whatever means were at my disposal to achieve them in whatever situation I found myself. As a young girl I strove to find equality with my brothers, as a worker dignity and fairness for my peers and as a consultant justice for my clients. The journey has brought experiences, skills and knowledge which include a natural ability to search out pertinent and useful information.

Lynn Perrin

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For the past nine years this skill has been used in legal research. As a worker my passion for fairness and dignity lead to advocacy and negotiating. As a volunteer in my community my passions resulted in facilitating, training, fundraising, public speaking, policy and program development. An important part of my journey has always been my family for whom I have tried to make the world they live in a little better.

I like to call my work "creative detours". If you need assistance in reaching your destination I may be able to provide you with a number of routes.

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Why Themis - Lady Justice?

"Themis, let justice be tempered with mercy. Condemn none without evidence, never on hearsay.

Themis is the daughter of Gaea and Uranus, the Earth Mother, and the Ancient of Days. She is one of the few Titans who survives in full power in the Olympian era of the rule of Zeus. The Greeks saw her as the embodiment of the concept of connectedness. She represents the abstract principle of absolute Justice, Law or Adjustment. To the Hindus, this is known as the Law of Karma. To the psychotherapist, it means natural consequences." Iona Miller

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